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Popular mountain activities

Hiking in torrents, skiing on glaciers, cycling in natural parks and golfing under the peaks … In 2021, the altitude is more appealing to the French than ever before.

The slogan put in place in 1990 has never been truer: “The mountain, that you win ! », Proclaimed the communication campaign to revive winter attendance. It does not have its counterpart for the summer. But after a blank season due to a global pandemic which brought the economy to a halt, tourism professionals are working hard to seduce French people who traditionally preferred the sea and the ocean. Driven by the rise in mercury, more and more summer vacationers are seeking freshness towards the peaks.

Arêches-Beaufort, in Savoie, illustrates the trend, with occupancy rates ranging from “from 42% to 67% depending on the week», According to the latest figures for the month of June from the reservation center. A record for the season, corresponding to an increase of 79% compared to 2020 and 57% compared to 2019. “The mountain becomes a sure bet in the summer,enthuses Frédéric Blanc-Mappaz, director

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