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From Vercors to Chamonix, our favorite restaurants in the Alps

The Alps constitute a physical barrier in the heart of Europe which is sometimes difficult to penetrate. The art of living there is harsh and we gladly taste robust dishes such as fondue, raclette, tartiflette …

There is undoubtedly no territory more marked by topography and the seasons than that of the mountain; all the more so in the Alps where the slopes of the high summits are part of the terroir that inspires cooks. Between summer and winter, gastronomy can sometimes change completely – dairy products giving way to plants – but we still like to find on the table an invigorating cuisine that will reward the efforts of a outdoor activity.

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In Corrençon-en-Vercors, the cuisine inspired by the Hôtel du Golf

In the heart of the Vercors, the Palégrié is a destination in itself. Because the hour by car from Grenoble will quickly be forgotten by the unparalleled welcome of the Barnier-Montjuré couple. A stakeholder in the Hôtel du Golf, the restaurant is nevertheless an entity of its own, with its well-thought-out decor and inspired cuisine – a story of zucchini, Vitello Tonnato, Omble Ikejeme des Sources de l’Archiane, who strive to dialogue with the very unique environment of the plateau. The food used comes from neighboring producers or comes from organic or sustainable agriculture, while the bread is made and baked on site every morning. A take-away burger – in the same gastronomic spirit – is offered every Sunday.

The prices : menu, 45 & 68 € ; menu enfant, 18 €.

The address: Restaurant of the Palégrié Hotel du Golf, Les Ritons, 38250 Corrençon-en-Vercors. Phone. : 04 76 95 84 84.

Simply better in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

very tasty, the reblochon fondue cooked in bread. Aimery Chemin

Not far from La Bouitte – Three Michelin stars – René and Maxime Meilleur (father and son) have imagined a second address with a more relaxed gastronomic approach, rightly called Simple et Meilleur. Because there is no question for the cook duo to give up the quality of the products. Also, they offer a cuisine with more rascal accents that will satisfy, summer and winter, lovers of high mountains – Saint-Martin de Belleville is at the gates of the 3 valleys area. The summer menu includes a leek vinaigrette, egg mimosa and sorrel; a grilled half-romaine, mortadella and anchovies yes again this casserole of snails with mushrooms and of course the inevitable cheese specialties (fondue and raclette).

The prices : card, € 20-35; children’s menu, € 19.

The address: Simple & Meilleur Bistro, Place Notre Dame, Caseblanche District, 73440 Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. Phone. : 04 86 80 02 91.

Historic luxury chalet Flames

In Chamonix, the modernity of Auberge du Bois Prin …

At Bois Prin, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of Mont-Blanc. Le Bois Prin / Photo press

The three-star chef Emmanuel Renault and his wife Kristine took over the Auberge du Bois Prin in Chamonix in the winter of 2019. They intend to perpetuate the family character of this address that they have always known while giving it the gastronomic and modern touch that animates them. In summer, you can take advantage of the open dining room, or better still, the terrace with a view of Mont-Blanc, to taste the simple pleasures of a free-range wild mushroom and polenta egg; goat cheese ravioli and vegetable broth; a fillet of arctic char and roasted pointed cabbage or a baba with green and yellow chartreuse.

The prices : lunch menu, € 35; dinner, € 65. Carte, 35-40 €.

The address: Auberge du Bois Prin, 69 chemin de l’Hermine, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Phone. : 04 50 53 53 01.

… and a sweet madness at La Petite Cuisine

La Folie Douce is going into summer mode at its hotel in Chamonix. Folie Douce / Press photo

Well known to morning skiers who like to hang out – sometimes for a very long time – after lunch, La Folie Douce goes into summer mode in its hotel in Chamonix. The credo is the same here as on the slopes: mix generosity, gluttony and genres. It is for this reason that the chefs are located directly in the heart of the restaurant to prepare real comfort dishes before your eyes: artichoke risotto, Caesar salad, grilled pork sweetbreads… And of course the essential Folie Douce Burger.

The prices : lunch menu, € 22; children: 15 €; Carte: 20-30 €.

The address: La Petite Cuisine, La Folie Douce Hotels, 191 avenue du Savoy, 74400 Chamonix. Phone. : 04 50 55 10 00.

In Saint-Martin-d’Uriage, Café A to share

Designed as a place of exchange, every Sunday, Café A starts the day as a brunch. PAPY STUDIO LOVES GRANNY

In his new “house” in Saint-Martin-D’Uriage, the 2-star chef Christophe Aribert has not failed to imagine a café that also demonstrates his responsible commitment to the surrounding area. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack, the cook pays the same attention to the quality of the products – the vegetables come from his permaculture vegetable garden – cooked according to recipes inspired by the ancients: tomato tart, stuffed zucchini , roast trout … Designed as a place to exchange, every Sunday, Café A starts the day as a brunch and ends it as a barbecue evening.

The prices : card, € 30; Sunday brunch, € 35; children’s menu, € 15.

The address: Café A, Maison Aribert, 280 allée du Jeune Bayard, 38410 Saint-Martin-d’Uriage. Phone. : 04 58 17 48 30.

In Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe, the traditional Victorine Farm

Many in the village remember the grocery store-bar inside the farm itself, which Victorine ran in 1923, while taking care of the cows. Victorine Farm / Photo press

La Ferme de Victorine has nothing of the postcard decor: the “grandma” of James Ansannay-Alex, the owner of the premises, already ran a farm-inn-grocery store there in the 1920s. And this spirit of hospitality has been perpetuated over the generations. Arrived twenty years ago, Denis, the cook, bends to the rhythm of the very marked seasons to imagine a cuisine inscribed in the tradition: terrine with chicken livers, Maerlens trout with white butter, farmer’s sweetbreads, wood-fired brazier… All served in a dining room entirely dressed in weathered wood.

The prices : lunch menu, € 33; dinner, 44 & 49 €; children’s menu, € 17. Carte: 25-35 €.

The address: La Ferme de Victorine, route de plan Desert, 73590 Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe. Phone. : 04 79 31 63 46.

In Corenc, the very gourmet Corne d’Or

Gérard Borrel has always been inspired by the surrounding nature by producing a subtle and aromatic cuisine, marked by his picking of herbs, flowers and mushrooms. The Golden Horn / Photo press

On the Chartreuse road, a stop at the Golden Horn is more than highly recommended. For almost 20 years, Florence and Gérard Borrel have animated this gourmet belvedere with tremendous creative energy which draws its strengths from the surrounding nature. The wild picking spices especially the dishes whose menu is in perpetual rotation. For example: velouté of butternut and savory, Pork cheek and black cardamom juice, candied Vercors trout… A great lover of natural wine, the owner also makes it a point of honor to accompany meals with these juices. of grapes without additives, of which it has made a fairly impressive cellar.

The prices : lunch menus, 26, 32, 38 & 48 €; dinner, € 52, 65 & 72.

The address: La Corne d’Or, 159 route de Chartreuse, 38700 Corenc. Phone. : 04 38 86 62 36.


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